Real-Time Active Directory Auditing, Monitoring, and Alerting

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We are under attack! Internal and external threats are constantly attempting to gain access and control over Active Directory. Being able to recognize and be alerted of such attacks is crucial for your organization. Active Directory and security experts Sean Deuby and Derek Melber will give you insights into the problems, attacks, and solutions for how you can monitor and alert on activities that might pose a threat to your overall Active Directory stability.

In this webinar you will learn...
  • Overcome the weaknesses of the out of box Microsoft tools
  • Leverage security log information to generate reports and alerts
  • Develop customized reports and alerts that give you clear insights into potential attacks
  • Gain control over privileged access into Active Directory
  • Receive real-time alerts for key actions that take place in and around Active Directory
  • Understand the attack sequence bad actors use to gain control of your Active Directory

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