The Lack of Real-Time Visibility Into Mainframe Events and Security

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The crux of a mainframe security plan is having the data to know what’s going on and what resources are being used in a non-conforming manner. You must know everything that happens—what’s coming in from outside and what’s happening from within—at all times. But there is a lack of real-time visibility to what is happening on today’s mainframes. Because most of the IT world still holds the notion that mainframes are rubber stamped as secure, it’s uncommon for an organization to monitor its mainframes with the same vigilance as the rest of the infrastructure, not to mention that most mainframe events are also monitored separately from the open system technology.

In this paper, we will discuss the role that real-time monitoring can play in an effective plan to secure your entire IT infrastructure, why having a reactive versus proactive event monitoring plan can make or break your potential for creating a truly secure mainframe, and what you can do to better protect your mainframes at all times.

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