CISOs Investigate: User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

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There’s a tremendous amount of value that you could gain from its implementation, but it also must be implemented methodically and simply or it can be overwhelming.

But done right, UBA can result in a more efficient allocation of scarce information security resources via the automation of the analysis of user behavior information via UBA.

By quickly providing actionable intelligence, CISOs and their staff can reduce loss to the organization by identifying and stopping an attack sooner—therefore minimizing damage.

In CISOs Investigate User Behavior Analytics, you’ll learn:
  • The history of UBA
  • A technology overview of UBA
  • How to sell UBA to the C-suite
  • A market assessment of UBA
  • When UBA doesn’t work
Download the report to learn how visibility into user behavior elements can help you to manage one of the biggest risks to information security—the user credential.

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