VMware vRA 7.0 Guest Agent Use Cases

In VMware vRA you may need optionally Guest Agent, If you have following requirements:-

•Launch in guest Scripts, this is has always been the biggest driver for installing the vRA Guest Agent. The nice part about it, after installing the guest agent, you can customize which script you want to run and what parameters you want to pass to it using custom properties. Further being able to invoke these scripts from share drives and passing them your desired parameters using custom properties, you can avoid having to edit your template, every time you update your script.
•Install Software via Scripts(Unattended Installs), this really fall under the first use case, though I still wanted to highlight that you can invoke software installation scripts using the vRA Guest agent.
• Call other in Guest Agents. (Puppet is a popular example of this use case)
•Configure or format new Drives in Guest OS. There is always the case where you want to add an extra drive upon provisioning, and this help you address preparing that drive for usage right after deployment.
•Configure multiple NIC’s
•IP address assignment from Network Profiles. It is only Required when there is no Guest OS Customization Support.

If you are looking for application authoring in vRA then you can skip this agent installation and just install the software bootstrap agent as software bootstrap agent will take care of most of the things for you

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