VMware Horizon View Agent Direct-Connect Plugin Hands-On

One of the great new features of VMware Horizon View 5.3 or later versions is the ability for any Horizon Client to connect directly to a Horizon View desktop without using View Connection Server. VWhat Is the

Horizon View Agent Direct-Connection For?
This new feature is intended to allow Horizon View to be deployed to support some specific additional use cases. These use cases include the following:
DaaS – Multi-tenant Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) deployments such as those used with Desktone technology. Newly acquired by VMware, the Desktone platform enables service providers to deliver Windows desktops as a subscription service.
Branch offices – Branch office and retail store environments where VMware vSphere hosts running Horizon View desktops are deployed in multiple locations, and View Clients connect locally within each location without being constrained by WAN performance and reliability. Several VMware partners have incorporated this feature into their branch office solutions for Horizon View.
Brokerless Horizon View desktops – Simple 1:1 deployments where full brokering from View Connection Server is not needed.

How to Install the VADC Plugin

1. Download the VADC plugin installer from VMware Website and Run it.

2. On the Welcome page click on Next

3. Accept the License Agreement

4. On configuration information page after required modification click on Next

5. Click on Install

How to Connect with VDI Desktop Running with VADC Plug-in

1. Add Your VDI Desktop as New Server

2. Click on Continue on Certificate Warning Page

3. Provide Authentication details

4. Now VDI Desktop is connected directly by using Horizon Client

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