VMware Configuration Maximums Tool - New Tool Alert

VMware has announced Web-based Configuration Maximum Tool. As of now you can compare vSphere Versions (6.0, 6.5 and 6.5 U1) and you can check configuration maximum limits of these three versions.

Why one should check VMware Configuration Maximums
This Configuration Maximums provides the recommended configuration limits for VMware products. When you configure, deploy and operate your virtual and physical equipment, it is highly recommended you stay at or below the maximums supported by your product. The limits presented in the tool are tested, recommended limits, and are fully supported by VMware.

How to Use this Tool
2. Click on Get Started
 3. If you are looking for specific vSphere version config max you can select it from left panel as shown in below given screenshot

4. If you want to compare configuration maximums of two different version, you can do it also from this web-based tool and even you can export this comparison in to an excel file.

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