Be Careful!!!!! While Creating the Disk Groups in vSAN

Recently i have seen an issue in vSAN, Where i was creating the disk groups on one of the esxi host in vSAN Cluster. What i did:-
1. I selected the same esxi host in disk management and then click on create disk group icon.
2. Then selected one cache tier disk and two capacity tier disks and click on finish and task is started.
3. But before this task gets finished. I started the creation of one more disk group creation on the same esxi host with same type of configuration that i have discussed earlier  and click on finish. Task is started.
4. BUT the final output was, Only one disk group with 4 capacity disks. Although it should be two disk groups with two capactiy disks each.

So, one should be very careful while doing the same type of activity. Let the first task to be completed and then start the second task of disk group creation.

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