AWS Services and Categories

In this post i am going to discuss that what are services AWS offers.

1. For this
2. No Need to Login
3. Scroll Down and you will get the list of all categories those are offered by AWS. These are the Categories we have as of now but these are subject to change.

Now lets explore services available in each and every category. Click on Each Category to explore its services

(A). Compute

(B). Storage
(C). Database

(D). Migration
(E). Networking & Content Delivery
(F). Developer Tools
(G). Management Tools
(H). Media Services

(I). Security, Identity & Compliance
(J). Analytics
(K). Machine Learning

(L). Mobile Services

(M). AR/VR
(N). Application Integration
(O). Customer Engagement
(P). Business Productivity
(Q). Desktop and App Streaming
(R). IOT
(S). Game Development
(T). AWS Cost Management

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